on Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chang Ming is the inquisitive soul behind nopefun, a myriad of interviews with artists reaching all corners of the globe. We thought it'd be fun to turn the tables and see what's going on inside the mind of the creator.

q: We noticed that you do a lot of interviewing of other creative souls. But what do you do with yourself?
a: I'm going to start University in August, but for now I'm just spending way too much time on the internet. (internet>real life?)
I started interviewing creatives mainly as a means for me to get to know artist that inspire me, maybe get a peek into the kind of person they are.
It's like I see their works and think "wow! what kind of person can create this amazing piece?"

q: Camera, paintbrush, pen or crayon?
a: Camera in the day and pen/marker at night. I'm lazy to bring along my flash, so I usually just take pictures during the day.

q: Rolling Stones or Beatles? Both? Neither?
a: Beatles. Not a huge fan though

q: Listening to anything as you read this?
a: Kinetic (Lone Remix) by Golden Girls

q: Up-and-coming artist/webpage you’ve got your eye on?
a: :for fresh/weird ideas and perspectives :i like her writing style :good visual taste

 Take a look at his flickr.

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