golden haze

on Monday, July 25, 2011

Images by joe nigel coleman, jared brown, marija majerle, ali s.

kristin shaw

on Tuesday, July 19, 2011

California-based Kristin Shaw is infinitely cool. We had our eyes on her long before this blog was even born, and her trail of film-induced grain and dropped-my-camera-on-the-concrete light leaks have never ceased to leave us in a state of awe.

q: we know this is a pretty standard one by now, but who are you?
a: i'm just a typical girl who hates her life. some people call me kristin, or bad words

q: the last album you put on repeat?
a: i've been listening to patti smith's radio ethiopia a lot recently. i listen to most patti smith albums on repeat

q: do you collect anything?
a: i have a habit of picking up things that have been dropped on the ground, like notes or lists or business cards or feathers or things of the sort. you know there's some kind of story associated with those things, but you never know exactly what it is. i find that intriguing 

q: what'd you do yesterday?
a: yesterday i bought a new bike and was on it less than sixty seconds before i ate shit and guts were gushing out of my knee. got me some stitches and a pretty brutal road rash, and i now can't ride my bike for two 
weeks. definitely a relatively shitty day

q: your favourite camera?
a: i'm a huge fan of disposable cameras because they're so easy and get the job done. favorite that i own is an argoflex, twin lenses are super fun. i take most of my images with a canon elan ii though, i love it cause it's a beast, i've dropped it out of cars and in lakes and shit

Her flickr.