neon tambourine

on Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lukasz Wierzbowski is, without argument, one of the most exciting photographers going around at the moment. Hailing from Poland, his images evoke a mysterious and elegant beauty. And the most beautiful thing of all, is that he only experiments with film. We spoke to him upon his return from a grand photographic expedition (otherwise known as location).

q: where are you and why are you there?
a: I'm finally at my place in Wroclaw making a dinner.

q: what are you doing next?
a: Going out with my friends.

q: why neon.tambourine?
a: Cos I like the way it tickles my senses.

q: what's your soundtrack at the moment?
a: Silence interrupted by city traffic.

You can buy his prints, send him an email, etc right here.


on Friday, April 22, 2011

The first ruby tuesday self-published zine is nearing completion! If you'd like a free copy, all you gotta do is send us a postcard (include your address, so that we can send you a small slice of goodness in return). Get your creative shoes on - we'll be publishing our favourites on the blog.

Send em' to:
ruby tuesday
21 mona street, kingston
tasmania, australia 7050


We had a chat to fabulous photographer Wil Symons, a.k.a. inarticulate. It's all about muted colours and simplicity here.

q: who are you?
a: I'm Wil, 19studying photography at Uni in Cambridge. Kent's home in the summer months!

q: what did you have for breakfast this morning?
a: I had a jam toasted sandwich.

q: favourite city, and why?
a: I haven't been to many but would have to say London is my favourite, probably because of its overall diversity and as it's within cycling distance!

q: digital or film photography?
a: Definitely film!!!

q: any webpages you've got your eye on?
a: selfpublishbehappy and booooooom and two blogs I often have a look at : ]


on Monday, April 18, 2011

time has eroded the memories and polished them into
that I cling to with wary hands

diamonds like stars, that link and drift
the way we did
and with each fleeting glance I find
embedded in the carcass of yesterday

Image by coolhandluke.

set me free

Images by dead leaves, bleeding trees, franz-josev, joe nigel coleman.


on Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i thumb through my borrowed photographs
of borrowed things and think of the
day, that we spent hour upon hour
of borrowed time
plundering through that trunk
past junk, and forgotten souls from the deep
near blown away by the tumultuous hot winds
of the ceiling fan;
outside, the winter sun made its last gasp
as did picnic plans, though we hardly noticed –
we were weathered fisherman, waiting for the perfect catch.

we never quite found it, but
the childlike fervour with which we searched
made perfection seem a possibility.


on Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chang Ming is the inquisitive soul behind nopefun, a myriad of interviews with artists reaching all corners of the globe. We thought it'd be fun to turn the tables and see what's going on inside the mind of the creator.

q: We noticed that you do a lot of interviewing of other creative souls. But what do you do with yourself?
a: I'm going to start University in August, but for now I'm just spending way too much time on the internet. (internet>real life?)
I started interviewing creatives mainly as a means for me to get to know artist that inspire me, maybe get a peek into the kind of person they are.
It's like I see their works and think "wow! what kind of person can create this amazing piece?"

q: Camera, paintbrush, pen or crayon?
a: Camera in the day and pen/marker at night. I'm lazy to bring along my flash, so I usually just take pictures during the day.

q: Rolling Stones or Beatles? Both? Neither?
a: Beatles. Not a huge fan though

q: Listening to anything as you read this?
a: Kinetic (Lone Remix) by Golden Girls

q: Up-and-coming artist/webpage you’ve got your eye on?
a: :for fresh/weird ideas and perspectives :i like her writing style :good visual taste

 Take a look at his flickr.


on Friday, April 8, 2011

my mind is like butter
on a warm palm, dripping
fronds of murky not-quite-somethings
into pools of less-than-nothings
staggering between wake and dream
thinking about how almost-always
is fairly-definitely nearly-enough

and what if the sky really did fall down
would it be bricks or feathers? i
listened hard and heard the crick-cracking
of a hundred grandparent-knees
and i knew, it must be bricks –

i crawled beneath the bed
and waited.

Image by BME.


on Thursday, April 7, 2011

synchrodogs is a collaboration between Ukrainian pair Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova. They've created an alternate reality with the lens - a world that is sometimes confronting, sometimes surreal, but mostly beautiful. One of the many brilliant artists in the flickr group.


on Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Images by youcancallmekristin, cluttered blue, neon.tambourine.

spring clean

Ciao! ruby tuesday. is picking up where we left off, after a grand American adventure. But it wasn't all riding bicycles along San Diegan beaches, drinking beer in Dolores Park and jumping puddles in Portland - aside from the revamped blog page (note the URL has changed just a tad), the creation of the printed zine is now underway. We believe it will look somewhat like this:

Thanks to Lisa B for the wonderful artwork. To receive a copy in due time all one has to do is write us a letter. Email for details.