on Saturday, July 13, 2013

v for victory

the basilica dome
is obscured by various antennae,
leads laced and looped/ hanging
down the apartment block like vines, or
jackets thrown listlessly over shoulders
and bird-like legs
traipsing down an alley as the sun creeps in,
cool and pink milky-blue.

colours running out

on Friday, July 12, 2013


happy end

Route 655

Stoke Newington, January, 2012



a study on shapes and dreams

heads just moving; circling, pushing. daisies quiver in the grass, gravitating, reaching toward one another with little stringy-petalled limbs.

they are silent and gentle/

their fingers interlock above them. clench
and then slow and still again, a pond.

i watch him in the side mirror. my thumb is stained with a band of green. his eyes are deep and blue –

i am full tonight.