che parker

on Sunday, May 22, 2011

Che Parker hails from Perth, Western Australia - which, although being referred to as the most remote city on earth, also features among the top ten most liveable cities in the world. Che is a self-described kook, with a portfolio that is quirky enough, but also downright cool. His images speak of an everlasting summer, and his landscapes are breathtaking.

q: who are you?
a: I'm a guy, from Perth in West Australia. Obsessed with learning and driven by a need to see positive change in the world. It sounds a bit naff to my own ears, but it's the truth. Truth is another thing I really like.

q: what's the best thing about living in perth? the worst?
a: I reckon that Perth's isolation and quieter pace of city life breeds a particular type of person, the type that makes their own fun and the type that really leaps into things with a genuine urge to seize the day. Also, the lack of "things" to do in the city seems to lead to a lot of people sittin' around getting high and getting their creative on. This place punches way above its weight musically. Did I mention the beaches? They're real nice too.

The worst? The 'no" mentality. There's a strong opposition to change in this city, as if the place is perfect as it is. I'm sorry, but no place is perfect, and I don't think there's a lot to be said for stagnancy. It's led to a lot of great ideas being realised in a very half-arsed manner. Case in point being our Bell Tower, it could've been incredible but instead it's an underwhelming spire of mediocrity that looks less a shining monument to human endeavour and more a cockroach trying to mount a praying mantis.

q: what are you most excited about at the moment?
a: That it's 2011, I've finished my marine science and journo degree, I've just had surgery to fix my dicky knee, and I'm entirely unencumbered by anything except my own need to make things happen. The next 12 months should see a real shift in my photography and writing as I move towards doing some real purposeful documentary, story-telling types of things. Super keen.

q: vegemite or peanut butter?
a: Vegemite 4 lyf. Raised on that bersgusting looking stuff. Can't hack peanut butter at all.

q: any pages you want to plug here?
 a: Yeeeop, a mate of mine, Mikey Litton and his solo project Cow Parade Cow. Imagine a bastard child of Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend raised in the wet wilds of West Oz, or something like that.
Also, David Boyson Cooper. He seems well known in these Flickr circles already, but I really dig his shiz, it's real.

Che's flickr and tumblr. Dig it!

on Friday, May 20, 2011

Images by pourquoi non?, EMMYLAND.

brian james

on Thursday, May 19, 2011

New York-based photographer Brian James' images are edgy, and bursting with the candid moments in life that make the ordinary extraordinary. He's been featured in DOE, Screaming Silence and Unicorn Dream magazines - now it's our turn to probe him with a few burning questions.

q: who are you?
a: My name is Brian James Kip and I am originally from New Jersey. I currently live in New York City though at the moment pursuing a BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts.
More of my work can be seen at

q: where did you wake up this morning?
a: I woke up this morning in New Jersey at my parents' house to the sound of pouring rain.

q: what does art do for you? what do you do for art?
a: Generally speaking art as a whole makes me stop and think as well as inspire me greatly. I look to a lot of paintings if I'm not looking at photography. Photography rather than art as a whole I think is sort of a release for me. If I'm not creatively putting together a fashion story, I'm capturing fleeting moments intimately or vernacularly shared with others and everyday ordinary objects or places. Art or photography lets me show an almost hidden beauty in these situations that others may not have seen or thought of. I like the idea of capturing something, physically capturing light almost, and preserving it for myself or to share. I think what I am doing for art, or photography, is diving into an aesthetic that many great photographers have shared over many years, and contributing what I have done and where I have been to that collection of photographs. I'd like my work to stand out though on it's own and be recognizable.

q: can you cook?
a: I've grown up around homecooked meals so I have a general idea on how to cook. Living alone, I do cook things that I've learned to make over the years. It'd be fun though to experiment and cook for some friends.

q: any webpages you want to plug?
a: Sure! Some more great work can be seen by a friend of mine, Olivia Locher


on Saturday, May 14, 2011

Caricias (im)personales

Images by youcancallmekristin, Lea Mandana, Contra_dictioN, Michela Heim, neon.tambourine.

benjamin evans

on Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Ben Evans' photography carries whispers of another world. He makes me want to lace up my travelling shoes and start exploring. So long as he hasn't jinxed the weather!

q: who are you?
a: My name is Benjamin Evans, I am 24 years old and currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I love the beach, travelling and mucking about with different art forms.
You can see my portfolio here:

q: favourite album at the moment? of all time?
a: Currently rolling around in the hay with the likes of Ratatat - LP4, Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz and The Stuyvesants - Brooklyn's Finest, but an old love has always been The Pixies - Doolittle.

q: your quirkiest photographic moment?
a: No idea. Maybe sneaking a photograph of Brazilian beach booty...

q: what are you doing tomorrow?
a: Sadly... working. And hoping for rain.

q: any webpages you've got your eye on, or would like us to plug?
a: Definitely. Some beautiful handmade jewellery by the talented Mr Joseph.
More great photography by my brother Timothy Evans.

His flickr.

Image by brian james.

michela heim

on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Michela Heim's images are as soft and sweet as a pot of tea on a Sunday morning - curled up beside the fire that is her dazzling head of red hair.

q: first things first, who are you?
I am half Swedish and half Hungarian, I enjoy photography, art and cats. I am currently based in Oslo, Norway. I live here with my boyfriend and artist Oscar Hagbard, we are both students at the moment and I enjoy baking a lot, too.

q: what does your name mean?
I'm not sure. I think it is pretty rare. And French. When my mother was expecting me, she met a little girl called Michela, she fell in love with her name and decided to name me that if I was a girl. And I was!

q: what is beauty?
Genuine kindness. Taking care of each other, show love and appreciation.

q:is photography your favourite mode of expression?
It definitely is, but I enjoy film and music a lot too. I have no idea how to play any instruments though, but I am planning on making a film project soon.

q: any webpages you've got your eye on?
Recently I discovered, I love love love Booooooom of course, Jeff is amazing!   and me and Anett Holmvik have a blog called where we share inspirational conceptual photographers and artists. Check it out!

Her flickr.

at the ends of the earth

Images by Lea Mandana, i used to sparkle horses, Jeff Luker.

dead leaves, bleeding trees

on Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bryan Ferguson, a filmmaker and photographer from Glasgow, describes himself as nocturnal, misanthropic, morbid and a Diet Coke addict. His style is distinctive, to say the least - and he's created an ethereal, eerie world that speaks from the gut-wrenching depths of the soul.

q: How’s the weather in Glasgow today?
a: The weather is disgustingly sunny. In all honesty, it is really beautiful outside. Glasgow rarely gets any sunshine so it is quite a nice change.

q: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

a: I'm unsure. I get up because society says I have to. I'm over analysing this simple question and now i'm doubting my life and how i live it. Ermm to answer this I shall say, I get out of bed happily knowing that its another day closer to the grave.

q: What gets you behind the lens?

a: I have always been a creative and visual person. I have wanted to be a filmmaker since I was 4 years old. Before I had a camera, I would draw images and was rather good gaining some decent qualifications in art and design. I then turned to filmmaking and now photography has become more than just a hobby.

I have a deeply rooted passion to create and when I don't, I fall into a dark depression and lock myself away from everything and everyone. So what gets me behind the lens is a smouldering passion to create beautiful imagery but also to avoid the suffocating emptiness that can consume me.

q: Listening to anything as you write this?

a: I have been listening to a lot of rag time Jazz as of late but at the moment I am listening to Maxille by Enabl.ed

public transport

he is a gangly praying mantis
cheeks gouged cleanly with an icecream scoop
and blonde-shuttered eyes that droop -
fluttering like moths against a screen door
on a dusty summer eve;

lulled by the sway of winding road
he struggles to keep his head aloft
a spindly neck
as the others come and go like tumbleweed
and he a pebble:
delicate, serene.

my stare absorbs him so perfectly that
i can feel the contours of his face
beneath my fingertips
and hear the whispers of dream and longing
into the dim hours after

silently, he slides through the doors
and dissolves back into the night