brian james

on Thursday, May 19, 2011

New York-based photographer Brian James' images are edgy, and bursting with the candid moments in life that make the ordinary extraordinary. He's been featured in DOE, Screaming Silence and Unicorn Dream magazines - now it's our turn to probe him with a few burning questions.

q: who are you?
a: My name is Brian James Kip and I am originally from New Jersey. I currently live in New York City though at the moment pursuing a BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts.
More of my work can be seen at

q: where did you wake up this morning?
a: I woke up this morning in New Jersey at my parents' house to the sound of pouring rain.

q: what does art do for you? what do you do for art?
a: Generally speaking art as a whole makes me stop and think as well as inspire me greatly. I look to a lot of paintings if I'm not looking at photography. Photography rather than art as a whole I think is sort of a release for me. If I'm not creatively putting together a fashion story, I'm capturing fleeting moments intimately or vernacularly shared with others and everyday ordinary objects or places. Art or photography lets me show an almost hidden beauty in these situations that others may not have seen or thought of. I like the idea of capturing something, physically capturing light almost, and preserving it for myself or to share. I think what I am doing for art, or photography, is diving into an aesthetic that many great photographers have shared over many years, and contributing what I have done and where I have been to that collection of photographs. I'd like my work to stand out though on it's own and be recognizable.

q: can you cook?
a: I've grown up around homecooked meals so I have a general idea on how to cook. Living alone, I do cook things that I've learned to make over the years. It'd be fun though to experiment and cook for some friends.

q: any webpages you want to plug?
a: Sure! Some more great work can be seen by a friend of mine, Olivia Locher

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